Safer Airmanship in Aviation

Mx2Fly has embodied the Total Airman Concept- merging pilot and technician skills into one. Our Airmen are highly trained to respond to any of your aircraft needs by flying out to your location, fixing it or providing maintenance and delivering it airworthy to where you need it most.
Safety Culture
Our Airman are fully trained, can communicate issues, and promote safety activities within all levels of Mx2Fly.
Safety Education
Mx2Fly coordinates and disseminates information to Airman tracking regulatory activities through a comprehensive education program.
Safety Training
Tracking competency on systems through our education program Mx2Fly Airman are properly trained by seasoned professionals.
Safety Risk Management
We determine the need for, and adequacy of, new or revised risk controls based on assessment of acceptable risk.
Safety Policy Compliance
All Airmen are committed to continually improve safety as dictated by senior leadership through clear objectives and processes.
Aviation Safety Management System Training
Safety Performance
Safety data and its analyses allow Airman to be always mindful of the possibility of any potential accident and injuries. Awareness is key for all.
Aviation Safety Management System
Change Management
Hazards may inadvertently be introduced whenever change occurs. Safety management practices are systematically measured for necessary change.
General Aviation Safety Management System
Safety Surveys
Evaluation of impact of safety initiatives and changes build more accurate measures of the overall safety of life and equipment.
Safety Records
Safety data is collected to pinpoint safety problems for critical research and analysis to mitigate future hazards to prevent injury and accidents.
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