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World’s First Electric Amphibious Airplane Makes Maiden Flight

Mx2Fly is no stranger to innovation and when aviation takes a leap into higher technology we become very excited.

A startup aircraft company in Norway has completed a successful maiden flight with the first-ever electric amphibious aircraft on July 12th, 2018, according to the firm, Equator Aircraft Norway.

The first “fully balanced” flight of the Equator P2 Xcursion prototype was flown by test pilot Eskil Amdal and observed on the ground by Equator employees. The aircraft took off from Norway’s Eggemoen Technology Park at 70 knots and flew down the runway at 100 knots at an altitude of about 30 feet before landing. Two more test flights were carried out the next day.

“It was a fantastic day for the team, and marks the real beginning of the test program for the aircraft prototype,” said designer and CEO Tomas Brødreskift. “We are now looking forward to gaining actual flight data, and not to mention look forward to putting the aircraft on the water as soon as possible. We are thrilled to see the aircraft perform as expected and can’t wait to test the aircraft further.”

In development since 2010, the P2 Xcursion has the ability to land on both land and water boasting better performance than other land planes due to its small electric motor, low float wings, and aerodynamics. The P2 can currently fly for approximately 35 minutes on a charge, and with further development will increase to an hour and 45 minutes. A hybrid of the model will be able to fly for five to six hours.

Mx2Fly is excited to check this aircraft in action and to see how it performs in the sky, its maintenance program, and talk with their design team about their future developments.




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