Redefining Safer Airmanship in Aviation

Mx2Fly has embodied the Total Airman Concept- merging pilot and technician skills into one. Our Airmen are highly trained to respond to any of your aircraft needs by flying out to your location, fixing it or providing maintenance and delivering it airworthy to where you need it most.
There can be no compromise to safety. At Mx2Fly, safety is our number one priority.

Changing how we talk about Safety

There can be no compromise to safety. At Mx2Fly, safety is our number one priority. You may hear this saying all the time for from well-meaning people and companies. The assertions are supposed to provide comfort- especially after an accident.

After a walk-around, you can’t start an engine without compromising safety. If we were always trying to be eliminate risk, we would never move an airplane. Sometimes these words fall on deaf ears. Absolute safety is an impossibility and the risk increases when someone departs on a trip. “Have a safe trip” you may hear. We sometimes fool ourselves that the drive to the airport was the most dangerous part of the trip and want to believe our airplane is safer than driving. Comparing the safety features of a commercial aircraft to that of general aviation is like comparison an SUV to a motorcycle. Light aircraft cannot carry the safety provisions and an owner typically cannot afford the equipment either. The risk measures of flight can also become an uncomfortable topic of discussion.

Safety advice can generate resistance where someone suggests a pilot did not exercise proper judgement or decision-making. It can be off-putting and it may be necessary to use another approach. This other approach can be employed by talking about risk management. Safety has become a simple word for security, and the aspect of risk management requires a more in-depth discussion. The identification and assessment of risk involves critical thinking of mitigation strategies. Making risk management a core value to be evaluated in every area of operation, whether maintenance or flying, it involves habit training and procedure refinement to ensure risks are reduced. Giving our Airman the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks creates a better environment where accidents are mishaps will be found with less frequency.

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