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New AD for Piper’s M600

Mx2Fly tracks every Airworthiness Directive (AD) for the aircraft we service, maintaining all requirements to ensure our customers’ aircraft remain in compliance. New ADs are published periodically and keeping up to date is part of our service.

After receiving a report of undersized fasteners possibly being used during the construction of some Piper M600s, the FAA issued an airworthiness directive, effective July 25, 2018, aimed at M600s serial numbers 4698004 thru 4698041.
The agency’s concern is focused on the cockpit canopy above the left and right side windows.

The AD requires installation of a repair kit depending upon the results of a rivet inspection. The directive also requires incorporating a temporary speed limitation in the pilot operating handbook, as well as a temporary placard. The FAA believes failing to inspect for and correcting this problem should it be discovered could result in failure of the skin joint leading to a loss of cabin pressure and or a fuselage structural failure.

In order to mitigate the potential for disaster, the FAA approved a one-time special flight permit that includes necessary fuel stops to allow affected aircraft to reach a Piper service facility for the inspection and repair. Until compliance is assured, the affected M600s may not be operated at greater than 230 kts calibrated airspeed.

Th estimated cost for inspection and repair of AD FAA-2018-0606 could run about $6,300 while the actual repair work, if necessary, might cost an additional $200,000. A Piper spokesperson said, ““All costs associated with Service Bulletin 1318 B as well as the AD are fully covered by Piper Aircraft. Since the service bulletin was issued in early June (June 7), 22 of the 38 affected airplanes (60%) have already complied with the original requirements of the Service Bulletin / AD.”

Mx2Fly is aware and capable of servicing the M600s and should the AD be necessary, we are ready and equipped to restore the affected aircraft back to airworthiness.



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