Redefining Safer Airmanship in Aviation

Mx2Fly has embodied the Total Airman Concept- merging pilot and technician skills into one. Our Airmen are highly trained to respond to any of your aircraft needs by flying out to your location, fixing it or providing maintenance and delivering it airworthy to where you need it most.
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About Company
Headquartered on Long Island, NY, Mx2Fly is an industry leader providing a very special and unique concept - the Total Airman. Ultimately, the Total Airmen has the ability to fix what they fly merging two exclusive skills of multi-functional pilot and technician capable of bringing your aircraft to an airworthy state. Mx2Fly Airmen are expertly trained and experienced to troubleshoot your aircraft with expediency ensuring all safety and quality measures are met. Fully committed to provide economic and enduring solutions, Airmen are engaged to support your aircraft’s every need. Exercising and utilizing all network resources, once your aircraft is deemed airworthy, Mx2Fly Airmen are ready to deliver your aircraft wherever you need it.
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About Jimmy
Jimmy is the founder of Mx2Fly. He is a graduate of Aviation High School, where he earned the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certifications. With a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and MBA, he pursued his passion for aviation by becoming a pilot with experience as an Aircraft Structures Engineer. Jimmy also serves with the Air National Guard as an Engineer Officer. Having served during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, he has first-hand knowledge on how to run an efficient organization during stressful times and is committed to safety and gaining knowledge. Jimmy is a pioneer of the Total Airman concept and it’s his life-long goal to redefine Airmanship and improve General Aviation.
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Mission, Vision and Values
Our Mission is to consistently and readily deliver qualified Airman dedicated to supporting your aircraft maintenance requirements and constantly improve safety measures. Our Vision is to be the premier aviation maintenance provider by achieving extraordinary results to gain our customers’ trust and build satisfying careers for our Airmen.
  • Integrity - We commit ourselves to transparent operations to satisfy our clients’ and Airman’s needs.
  • Safety - Constant desire to improve our craft through sound judgement and diligence.
  • Airmanship - Unconditional commitment to outstanding performance in the air and on the ground.
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    Address: 9100 Republic Airport, Hangar 8 Farmingdale, NY 11735
    Phone: 631-293-5858